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We promote a transparent business model that is attentive to the responsible management of resources.

B Corp | Save The Duck
B Corp
To obtain the B Corp certification, every three years we evaluate our impacts and our activities in the B Impact Assessment.
Società Benefit | Save The Duck
Società Benefit
In addition to profit targets, our goal of having a positive impact on society and the biosphere is an integral part of our social purpose. 
WEPS | Save The Duck
We have adhered to the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) to promote gender equality throughout our value chain.
UNGC | Save The Duck
We are a participant in the United Nations Global Compact, and we integrate the 10 principles of social, environmental and anti-corruption responsibility into our Sustainability Report.
Supply chain | Save The Duck
Supply chain
We work every day to create long-term relationships with our suppliers, based on mutual trust and transparency.
Our people | Save The Duck
Our people
We are committed to building an inclusive, healthy and safe work environment, where each individual can express their potential.
Code of ethics | Save The Duck
Code of ethics
The Code of Ethics guides us towards acting more ethically and responsibly, promoting respect for human rights and a working environment free of violence and discrimination.
Code of interdependency | Save The Duck
Code of interdependency
We are all interdependent: we involve suppliers, stakeholders and partners with whom we come into contact in compliance with fundamental principles.
Materials & Certifications | Save The Duck
Materials & Certifications
We select fabrics and materials certified by a third party and characterised by precise parameters, shared with our suppliers.
Care, repair & remake | Save The Duck
Care, repair & remake
A guide to help our community take care of Save The Duck garments and their performance.
Materials standard selection | Save The Duck
Materials standard selection
Each of our products is composed of carefully selected raw materials, in compliance with social and environmental standards.
RSL | Save The Duck
In the Restricted Substances List, we regulate the use of specific chemicals throughout our production chain.
Sustainability Reports | Save The Duck
Sustainability Reports
The Sustainability Reports contain all the results generated annually by our work: objectives achieved, those missed and those set for the following year.
CO2 | Save The Duck
Every year we collect the data necessary to inventory all the emissions generated by our activities throughout the value chain.
Nothing like water | Save The Duck
Nothing like water
We balance our water impact in projects that provide drinking water to the Indonesian populations of Sumba Island.
Coefficient 1% | Save The Duck
Coefficient 1%
Every year we donate 1% of our turnover to international and local charities that protect the environment, people and animals. 

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