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At Save The Duck, we respect the bond that exists between all living beings.

We are 100% animal free

For our garments, we search for and select materials without feathers, skins, furs, silks, wools, horns, bones, mother of pearl, waxes, glues and dyes of animal origin and that do not entail the exploitation or suffering of animals. Our products are created with materials of synthetic and vegetable origin from certified supply chains according to internationally recognised standards.

Animals are not raw materials

Together with our community, we want to contribute to the circular and digital transition of the clothing industry, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

For us, being a changemaker means being an active part of a movement to reduce the exploitation of animals and its impact on the environment and biodiversity.

| Save The Duck| Save The Duck

The ducks we have saved

Our name sums up our mission: to safeguard ducks and geese so that they do not become down and padding.

Thanks to our commitment and our community, we estimate that we have "saved" about 40 million* of these creatures since our foundation in 2012. The calculation of the "equivalent ducks" estimates the amount of feathers that would be necessary to stuff our garments if we did not use PLUMTECH®.

*The number is calculated with our 'duck equivalent' tool, through which we estimate the approximate number of ducks that would be required to provide the amount of feathers needed to stuff each garment.

Updated on 16/04/2024

Our duck

Our logo is a duck that whistles in relief and thinks: "I am safe!".

The mascot symbolises Save The Duck's ongoing commitment to safeguarding animal welfare. Through our products, we bring to the world the message, principles and values that distinguish us.

| Save The Duck| Save The Duck

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