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Dive into our video series capturing Sumba Island’s stunning natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and current challenges related to water supply.

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Clean water is essential to life, yet many communities globally still lack access to it. This is particularly true for Sumba Island, Indonesia, where access to potable water remains a significant challenge.

Now, thanks to our projects in collaboration with The Sumba Foundation, we are making a concrete difference on the island.

Discover this transformative journey through a series of videos by filmmaker Mattia Bianco, coordinated by Wise Society.

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Nothing Like Water

Episode #1

In 2023, we started a project in collaboration with the NGO The Sumba Foundation, focusing on constructing wells, water tanks, and other essential infrastructure to enhance access to clean water on the island.

These initiatives are essential in addressing related challenges such as malaria, malnutrition, and low levels of schooling.

With our support, we aim at elevating living standards and fostering equitable development, while respecting the island’s unique cultural traditions.

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Episode #2

Sumba, a lush and water-rich island in Indonesia's Lesser Sunda archipelago, struggles with utilizing its water resources effectively for drinking purposes.

Through the construction of wells, pipelines, and water reserves, we significantly enhanced the quality of life for the local community. So far, our efforts have provided potable water to over 4,216 individuals across 37 villages.

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Episode #3

The inhabitants of Sumba are notable for their radiant smiles and a spirit deeply connected to nature and the cosmos. Living in sync with nature's rhythms, they uphold ancient wisdom passed through generations.

Despite their economic challenges, the richness of their traditions and the strength of their community bonds shine brightly.

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Episode #4

Sumba's landscape boasts pristine forests, deserted beaches, and dramatic cliffs cascading into a turquoise sea where horses roam freely. The island features emerald lagoons, waterfalls, deep canyons, and rushing rivers, all under the watch of clear, star-filled skies and vast, rippling hinterlands.

Its terraced rice fields, shaped by generations of farmers using traditional water systems, showcase the island's deep connection to nature's rhythms.

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Episode #5

Sumba's traditional villages pulse with millennia-old traditions like the Pasola, reflecting the island’s warrior past. The animist Marapu religion, with its deep reverence for ancestors, alongside local music, dances, and local symbols, forms a rich cultural tapestry.

Our water projects have transformed daily life: women and children, once burdened with long treks for water, now pursue education and entrepreneurial activities, such as making ikats—traditionally crafted textiles that are sold in markets and to merchants.

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Spiritual Leader

Episode #6

Laya Woda serves as the spiritual leader in Weigali, playing a pivotal role within the animist Marapu cult. As a bridge between the material and spiritual realms,

he facilitates communication with divine spirits and ancestors, especially during important life events such as marriages, births, and house constructions.

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