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Access to water and water balance

Access to drinking water is a primary asset that is essential for human health and wellbeing, but even today, unfortunately, many communities around the world cannot rely on clean water sources.

For this reason, in 2023 we began a water balance action in collaboration with the NGO The Sumba Foundation. On the one hand, we balance the water consumption of the production of our garments and the materials needed to make them; on the other hand, we make a tangible contribution to bringing drinking water to numerous villages on the island of Sumba, Indonesia.

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The Sumba Foundation

Providing access to drinking water is by far the most important and consolidated programme undertaken by The Sumba Foundation. Our project with the Foundation represents an important step to help the populations of Sumba to rise up from poverty and improve their sanitation conditions.

Through the construction of water pumps and wells, we are able to provide many families with access to water, saving women and children from having to travel tens of kilometres every day to reach the nearest source.

Through collaboration, we want to help create sustainable economies to improve the living conditions of Sumba communities, while respecting their cultural traditions.

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Water projects in Sumba*

Weluri Kalla Project: Originally discontinued in 2013, the Weluri Kalla Project has been revitalized with our support and the recent addition of an electricity grid in the area. This development allows for the resumption of pump construction, set to supply drinking water to the historic hillside villages.
In total, 3.500 meters of piping have been installed, connecting to four existing fiber tanks (each with a capacity of 2.300 liters) and one reservoir of 2.000 liters. This extensive network now serves 1.037 individuals across 148 households, including a primary school and a kindergarten, spanning 11 villages. In the second phase, one additional fiber tank with a capacity of 2.300 liters and another with 3.200 liters were installed, further expanding access to clean water in these communities.

Malisu Village Project: This project centers on constructing an electric
pump and well at the existing water source near Malisu village. With our
support, significant enhancements were made, including the installation of two
2.300-liter fiber tanks and four faucets, bringing clean water directly to 216
individuals across 28 households. This project has notably transformed the
lives of the community's women and children, who previously endured long walks
just to collect a single bucket of water. 

Pahola Water Project: Our contributions have enabled the installation of
three fiber tanks, each with a 5.300-liter capacity, and seven water taps. This
water project now supports a village of 396 people and an elementary school
with 194 students. By providing essential access to clean water, we're making a
substantial difference in the lives and health of both the community and its
younger members.

Waimadaka Water Project: Our project has achieved a significant milestone, providing a reliable
water supply to 627 individuals. This includes 156 primary school students, 161
junior high school students, and 310 residents from surrounding villages. To
ensure easy access for the community, we've installed two hand pumps at the
well and an additional pump at a nearby well.

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Hobawawi Water Project: Concluding in early November 2023, the Hobawawi Water Project benefits 603 people. This initiative involved upgrading the electricity cables and constructing two communal water stations, thereby improving the infrastructure and access to essential resources.

Watukarere Water Project: Completed in September 2023, the Watukarere Water Project introduced two fiber tanks (5.300 and 2.300 liters) and seven water stations, significantly enhancing clean water access for 310 people in the area.

Praimodu Water Project: The Praimodu Water Project was successfully completed at the end of November 2023. Two fiber tanks, each with a capacity of 2,300 liters, were installed alongside four communal water stations. This project has provided clean water access to 107 residents across three different villages.

Pakat Water Project: Completed at the end of November 2023, the Pakat Water Project saw the installation of three fiber tanks—one with a capacity of 5,300 liters and two with 2,300 liters each. Additionally, a genset house and a reservoir were constructed, complemented by four communal water stations. This development now serves 151 individuals from two villages, marking a crucial step toward water access.

* Updated on 25/03/2024

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